A dead and a dozen injured in recent Ukranian bombings

11 Jun


The same day the Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko announced a round of $ 120 million for the reconstruction of Donbass (is understood that for the part of Donbass controlled by Ukrainian troops), the current authorities of Donetsk denounced one of the hardest bombings in recent weeks in residential areas of the city. In addition to the different areas of Donetsk, the Ukrainian army also bombed Dokouchaevsk, another area where the battle has not waned in recent weeks. The representative of the RPD in Minsk negotiations, Denis Pushilin said in the morning that Donetsk had convened an urgent meeting of the Contact Group. Throughout the day, the Pushilin himself said that Ukraine had rejected the proposal.

In the morning, Ivan Prikhodko, chief Kubishevsky district in the north of Donetsk, went to the scene to denounce personal and material damage that had occurred because of the bombing of Ukrainian artillery. According to preliminary data, a civilian was killed and at least eleven, including a 3 year old child, were injured under the Ukrainian fire in the district of Makeyevka Kubishevsky and night from 8 to 9 June. According to Ivan Prikhodko, two of the wounded were in serious condition. The Defense Ministry spokesman of the Donetsk People’s Republic said an army soldier also the RPD had died in combat.

US journalist Patrick Lancaster reported yesterday from the points that had been damaged by bombing the night before. In one of the damaged residential houses, an old woman crying in her shattered floor: “I have no family. Where I live now? “. As reported in Lancaster, another local resident claimed that the shelling came from the nearby Peski, one of the bases of the Ukrainian Army in the area and local militias tried to capture unsuccessfully in the subsequent offensive to capture the airport in Donetsk in the winter of 2015.

Patrick Lancaster, yesterday inspected the damage caused by Ukrainian bombing
Across the line of separation, the paper quoted Timer, a Ukrainian soldier was killed and four others wounded in the battle in the industrial area of Avdeevka and Yasinovataya, two of the places that are fought for weeks Positional battles reminiscent of the battle that was fought last year in Shirokino (Mariupol area in the south of the RPD front).

Patrick Lancaster´s Video
In recent weeks, the observation mission of the OSCE has confirmed the increase in intensity and number of bombings and so that representatives of the Popular Donetsk Republics and Lugansk have spent months denouncing: the rapprochement between the positions of the parties to the conflict increases the risk. The troops of both sides have continued to close since December, when Ukraine unilaterally decided to capture the so-called gray zone, the neutral zone of the RPD had retired precisely to create a security zone to try to reduce the intensity of the violence. Alexander Hug, representing the OSCE, said this week that the solution to this problem was obvious: the parties must be separated.
But this “obvious” solution proposed by the OSCE ignores the withdrawal of weapons and troops from the front line can only be produced from a political solution to the conflict.


Ukraine has already demonstrated that continue to use the bombing of the positions of militias and civilian areas to pressure both the RPD and RPL as Russia in its attempt to rewrite the agreement of Minsk. And the RPD also understood that the unilateral withdrawal does not lead to a decrease in violence and the separation of the warring parties but to the advancement of the Ukrainian positions. More than a year after the signing of the agreements, and when there has been no substantial progress in the process, hoping for a withdrawal of troops from the front seems, at least, unrealistic.




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