Apples for children

16 Nov

Original: Yevdokia “Dunya” Sheremetyeva / Little Hiroshima

Appls for children 1

Where are the children?
– Almost all are sick.

I climb to the second floor of the boarding school for children of Krasny Luch. It is completely dark and hardly see anything. I look into the only room illuminated with a small bulb. A group of children runs around the room, where you can hear all kinds of cough that exist in the world. Children are entertained: some are painting, some are pulling their hair out to each other and others simply chat. I hide to take a picture without learning, but the betrayal of flash alert to all.

– I remember you. Do we have you brought ice cream?

A child who is not ashamed at all. He approaches me and looks at me curiously.

– No, I would be killed if brought ice cream.

He approaches me another child and pull my coat.

– Do not say anything!

Inna Vladimirovna, a pretty young teacher enters the room. I approached her and whispered:

– Can I give you some fries?

– Of course not! It’s dinnertime. They will not eat anything.

It is always so. We go when we go, it’s always lunchtime or dinner. Coughing noises echo through the room.

– Try not to infect you!

As I walk around, older children help Lena and Zhenya downloading food and other products we bring to the orphanage.

– I can at least give them apples?

– Apples are good.

The kids around me while sharing apples. As apples disappear, heads begin to appear in the window of the second floor. They are coughing. A minute later, everyone is glued to the window. Teachers and nurses laugh.

– Interesting!

Many of the children who were here in summer are gone. This is not exactly an orphanage. It is a boarding school in which parents in difficult circumstances can leave their children. Some of the children we met in summer are back with their parents. The boarding school is not large, are about twenty children. Some are orphans and children of parents who have lost custody of children. But there are also many who live there during the week and go home on weekends.

– Here, they eat well and not spend cold. They are well kept. There are different cases.

The orphanages and residences of old people receive humanitarian aid on a regular basis. But there remains a problem of shortage of vegetables, dairy and meat. I’ve written about it often, but the situation has not changed. In addition, children suffer a vitamin deficiency. And that is not something that can be solved with pills. It arrives cold and needs a balanced diet. It is not enough canned meat and oats, which consists primarily in the official humanitarian aid. The republics have lived on that basis for over a year, but they need fruits, vegetables, etc.
Appls for children 2
After to take a photo, we climbed to the second floor to lead an apples to sick children. And again I am surrounded.

– What kind of camera? Can we see the pictures?
– Underwater camera-that interest a lot to the children.
– Can you take pictures underwater? That cool! Teach us!

– I need at least a bathtub, but now teaching you.

Then come again Zhenya and things start to happen. Everyone starts to pose. The girls do “adult” poses and the guys put faces and gestures make considered fashionable. Finally, he forced viewing group.

– Will you ever go back?

– Clear. Who else will bring apples?

And lamps. I can not forget to bring lamps.


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