What happened to the heads of the worst murderers in history?

12 Oct

For very little knowledge of history that has a normal person have, he  knows the atrocities committed by the Germans in the Second World War and that those several hundred thousand Germans, the SS called, were the most fanatical murderers, so anyone can think that after the war they were captured and punished appropriately to their crimes. Let’s see if this assumption is true with some of the most famososo murderers.

Rudolf Diels first chief of Gestapo

 Rudolf Diels was the first chief of Gestapo, thousand of deaths are on your back.

The punishment was :

After 1950 he served in the post-war government of Lower Saxony, and then in the Ministry of the Interior, until his retirement in 1953. He died on 18 November 1957 when his rifle accidentally discharged while he was hunting.

Paul Hausser founder of SS officer schools

 Paul Hausser was the founder of the SS officer schools

where they were taught  racial theories and as exterminate entire populations, women, elderly, children.

 The punishment was :

 In 1946 he was called as a witness at the Nuremberg Trials for war crimes, testifying in favor of other members of the SS. It remains in a German internment camp until it is released in mid-1948.
After his release he became leader of the association of veterans of the Waffen-SS and writes several books
He died in Ludwigsburg (Württemberg) on December 21, 1972, at the age of 92 years.


Feliz Steiner tactical guru of the early armed SS an later commander of the Germanic Panzer Corps

 Feliz Steiner General of the Waffen-SS, and a member of the Nazi Party of Germany.

 The punishment was :

After the capitulation of Germany, Steiner was imprisoned and indicted as part of the Nuremberg Trials. However, he was cleared of all charges of war crimes and released in 1948. He continued to live in Germany, wrote several books, and participated in organising support for former Waffen-SS members. He died in 1966.


Gottlob Berger the “father” of Waffen-SS .Before

 Gottlob Berger was the “father” of the Waffen-SS, as he not only implemented recruiting structures and policies that assisted the Waffen-SS to circumvent Wehrmacht controls over conscription, but also extended Waffen-SS recruiting first to “Germanic” volunteers from Scandinavia and western Europe, then Volksdeutsche (ethnic Germans) outside the Reich, and finally to peoples who in no way reflected Himmler’s ideas of “racial purity”. He also sponsored and protected his friend Oskar Dirlewanger, who he placed in command of a unit of convicted criminals. The Sonderkommando Dirlewanger subsequently committed many war crimes in the areas it operated,

Gottlob Berger the “father” of Waffen-SS .After

 And his punishment was :   

He was tried and convicted in the Ministries Trial of the U.S. Nuremberg Military Tribunals for war crimes, and was sentenced to 25 years imprisonment. His sentence was soon reduced to 10 years, and he was released after serving six and a half years. After release he advocated for the rehabilitation of the Waffen-SS and worked in several manufacturing businesses. He died in his hometown in 1975.


Walther Friedrich Schellenberg

Walther Friedrich Schellenberg Himmler´s foreign intelligence chief

Walter Schellenberg. He does not seem very remorseful,

The punishment was :  

During the postwar Nuremberg Trials, Schellenberg testified against other Nazis. In the 1949 Ministries Trial he was sentenced to six years’ imprisonment, during which time he wrote his memoirs, The Labyrinth. He was released in 1951 on the grounds of ill-health, due to a worsening liver condition, and moved to Switzerland, before settling in Verbania Pallanza, Italy. The following year he died of cancer in Turin.

We could go on with many more, but the reality is that except the few who committed suicide as Himmler and those who died in the war that they themselves had provoked hundreds of thousands of SS murderers and their leaders escaped justice unpunished any and they lived quietly in Germany. 

 What do  teach these hundreds of thousands of murderers to their children?



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