The other victims of war: the story of a forgotten child of Slavyansk

13 Sep

Niño muerto Slaviansk

A forgotten child of Slavyansk

A few days ago, the immigration crisis in Europe reached its most intense point. Under pressure from new hordes of the Huns, who had hungry and desperate-looking, good bourgeoisie rapidly was losing the last dose of tolerance. Europe awoke from hibernation to see endangered the idea of ​​multiculturalism. The normally watered Western mass media had already begun to fall in adjectives and analogies prohibited “hordes”, “invasion”, “colonization”. It was unthinkable, dangerous!

Any thinking head of the world you know, for some time, that it´s possible turn on or off the Western press with a special switch. The current can be controlled. You can increase or decrease the level of negativity of the information flow. You can even shut down, ending the current and pretend that nothing happens. So it was with the bombings of artillery Ukrainian cities of Donetsk and Lugansk for over a year, in the geographical center of Europe. But when multiculturalism in Europe began to break, it was clear that something had happened, something that all Europe would mourn.

A Syrian boy drowned. It was at the right time and from that moment, the photo of the child’s body appeared on every screen, every hour. A single photograph and the whole situation had taken a miraculous turn of 180 degrees. In a large-scale geopolitical game like this, he could not afford the child simply drown, there’s too much at stake. Not worth trying to prove it is not.

I have seen with my own eyes how many have died or have been bombarded in the Middle East over the past ten years. I’ve seen it reduced to rubble a prosperous country, where now rampant armed bands to the teeth are living. Now you can not even dream of democracy in Libya. I’ve seen big cities like Homs in Syria, converted, with its craters, in lunar landscapes. I’ve seen burned, at night, several dozen churches in Menia, Egypt, while the international community, in unison, was silent. And they were silent now because the pro-Western revolutionary alongside some jihadists who started the fire.

When needed, the West used those kids. And anyone who dares to protest the political use of tears by a child was quickly found in the unemployment line. The English journalist Graham Philips practically fled the Western press and Andrei Babitsky was cruelly dismissed from “Radio Svoboda” (Radio Liberty) by the challenge of reporting on executions of civilians near Lugansk. West does not need to talk about those uncomfortable victims.

Danchenko Arseniy death outside Slavyansk is similar to Aylan Kurdi. The child died from a mortar attack fired from Mount Karachun, occupied by the Ukrainian Army in one of the last days of the siege of Slavyansk. In the small town of Golubovka were no checkpoints, no arsenals, no barracks, no militia positions.

At eight in the evening, the heat had lowered. The people went out to water the gardens. Arseniy sat on the sand, at the gates of his house playing. And the people began to feel the impact of dozens of mortar fire … His mother tried to save him, but the bomb, an impact too close, hit them both.

The mother could only give his son a few hours of torment. The child died two hours later on the operating table in a hospital in the town of Slavyansk, before our eyes. Four media LIFEnews, Ren-TV, the first channel and Komsomolskaya Pravda compiled all information that could also reach the Western press.

But unfortunately, Arseniy was a separatist bomb and was killed liberation, democracy. In Russia he erupted anger. Some wept, others clenched their fists. Other volunteers came to Donbass. There were those who told us that the straw that broke the camel’s patience was the death of a child of Slavyansk. That is all. Two children killed, parallel stories. But what a difference between them!

Sorry for the cynicism.


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