What happened to the worst child murderers in history?

23 Nov

Behind the front line soldiers the Germans sent bands of murderers , the Einsatzgruppen  ,who indiscriminately killed all be living, always if they were helpless, children, women, prisoners of war, elderly, they killed entire towns and cities, in the most brutal forms, is estimated that between 1941 and 1945 the Einsatzgruppen and related auxiliary troops killed more than two million people, including 1.3 million Jews. The total number of Jews murdered during the Holocaust is estimated at 5.5 to 6 millions

These groups were not very numerous (for murdering helpless not many people are needed), ranged from 500-990 murderers. n people.

Most of his victims were shot, but often buried alive or injuring many of them. Also raped, burned alive entire communities, playing with babies as if they were balls with their bayonets, etc. All imaginable cruelties.

No European people made so many killings, so cruel and so long.

Incredibly the heads of these bands of murderers were often people with university formation and had been educated before the Nazi regime, so they can not claim that they were formed during it as it could happened only to the very young. The Nazi regime lasted from 1933 to 1945, only 12 years, which is not enough to change the mentality of a whole nation unless  because that nation coincided with that regime in many aspects.

So, after the war, It would be hoped that these serial murderers  (never better said) to be punished with the utmost severity. The result was very different ….

On September 10, 1947, the U.S. Military Government for Germany created the Military Tribunal II-A (later renamed Tribunal II) to try the Einsatzgruppen Case.

Serial killer Heinz Jost

The 24 defendants were all leaders of the mobile security and killing units of the SS, the Einsatzgruppen. On July 29, 1947 the defendants were indicted on three counts of criminality: crimes against humanity, war crimes and membership in organizations declared criminal by the International Military Tribunal. Each of the 24 defendants was charged with all three counts, covering the period of their activity from May 1941 to July 1943.

 Ott, Adolf
Serial killer Adolf Ott

Each defendant pleaded “not guilty.” Their defense hinged upon the argument that they had acted legally, as soldiers, and had merely been following orders. The defendants were arraigned between September 15 and 22, 1947, and the trial ran from September 29 to February 12, 1948. The prosecution’s case took up only two court sessions. The remainder of the time was devoted to the direct testimony of the defendants. While 24 defendants had been indicted, only 22 were tried. Emil Hausmann had committed suicide in July 1947, and Otto Rasch was deemed too ill to stand trial. The Tribunal rendered its judgment on April 8-9, 1948, finding 20 defendants guilty on all three counts and two guilty on count three alone. The sentences were announced on April 10. In all, 14 defendants were sentenced to death, two were sentenced to life terms and five received sentences that ranged from 10 to 20 years. Only Matthias Graf was released with time served. Ultimately, only four of the 14 death sentences were carried out on June 7, 1951. Head of Einsatzkommando II, Eduard Strauch, who received a death sentence, was extradited to Belgium where he received a further death sentence. The remainder of the defendants had their sentences commuted or were paroled. All of the convicted defendants in this case were released from prison in 1958.(1)  or before

(1)   http://collections.ushmm.org/search/catalog/pa1144425

Veredict Real veredict Freedom Death
Otto Ohlendorf Death Ajusticied in 1951
Heinz Jost Death Conmuted to 10 years Free in 1951 Died in  1964
Erich Naumann Death Ajusticied in 1951
Otto Rasch Not judged by ill Died in 1948
Erwin Schulz 20 years Conmuted to 15 years Free 1954 Died in 1981
Franz Six 21 years Conmuted to 15 years Free 1952 Died in 1975
Paul Blobel Death Ajusticied in 1951
Walter Blume Death Conmuted to 25 Years Free in 1955 Died in 1974
Martin Sandberger Death Conmuted to life sentence Free in 1958 Died in 2010
Willy Seibert Death Comuted to 15 years Free in 1954 Died in 1976
Eugen Steimle (DE) Death Comuted to 20 years Free in 1954 Died in 1987
Ernst Biberstein Death Comuyed to life-sentence Free in 1958 Died in 1986
Werner Braune Death Ajusticied in 1951
Walter Haensch Death Conmuted to 15 years Free in 1954
Gustave Nosske Death Conmuted to 10 years Died in 1990
Adolf Ott Death Conmuted by life-sentence Free in 1958  Unknown
Eduard Strauch Death Died in a Belgian hospital in 1955
Emil Haussmann He suicided before sentence.
Waldemar Klingelhöfer Death Comuted to life sentence free in 1956 Died in 1980
Lothar Fendler 10 years Conmuted to 8 years Free in 1951 Unknown
Waldemar von Radetzky 20 years Free in 1951 Died in 1990
Felix Rühl 10 years Only 6 years in jail Free in 1951
Heinz Schubert Death Conmuted to 10 years Free in 1952 After 1979
Mathias Graf No guilty.

So, of 15 death sentences were met only 4 (26.6%) and the remaining 20 defendants , the sentences of 16 (80%) were significantly reduced  and one was found not guilty, another was sick and another he killed himself (if he had waited surely would be free in short time like almost all).

 Otto Ohlendorf durante su testimonio en el Juicio a los Einsatzgruppen el 9 de octubre de 1947.
Otto Ohlendorf in the Trail

One of the guilty of the freedom of these serial murderes was John J. McCloy, the U.S. High Commissioner for Germany McCloy had received political pressure to grant the reprieve from William Langer, U.S. Senator from North Dakota. Many of Langer’s constituents were of German descent, and Langer felt that trial of anyone other than the highest Nazis was contrary to American legal tradition and helped Communism.

Most of these serial murderes only served some seconds for the death of every victim, so short were their sentences !.

By the way, for that time ( 50,s) were manifestation of the Germans citizens asking the freedom of these serial murderes, yes the same people that said that they don´t knew nothing about the Holocaust…


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