Right extremists in German Army ( or 300 against 50 ).

16 Jul

Right extremists in German Army ( or 300 against 50 ).

Germany detected hundreds of militants infiltrated his army

The German military secret service detected in 2012 some 400 militants infiltrated the army, 300 far-right and 50 Islamic radicals.

All of these troops were expelled from the armed forces, said the president of Army military intelligence, MAD, Ulrich Birkenheier, told public radio Deutschlandfunk, after stating that “in the German army is no place for extremism ‘ .

The explanations of MAD, one of the three arms of the German secret services, together with those of the Interior and of Foreign-follow information about an alleged right-wing growing presence in the armed forces.

Angela Merkel’s government decided in 2011 the suspension of compulsory military service, for the sake of a reform of the armed forces and a gradual reduction of its effective, then 240,000 to a maximum of 185,000.

This broke what had been a guiding principle since the introduction of compulsory military service in 1957, under which the armed forces must be anchored in society and take into its bosom all levels. With the professionalization is feared will be enrolled in preference of either radical trend, so the MAD is committed to the utmost vigilance of these troops.

The effectiveness of the German military intelligence had also been called into question by revealing that in the 90s, tried to capture for service to a prominent neo-Uwe Mundlos, that years later he joined the National Socialist Clandestinidad cell (NSU). This grupoasesinó between 2000 and 2007 to nine immigrants, eight Turks and one Greek and a police officer, crimes for which he is being tried in Munich in its sole survivor, Beate Zschäpe.

Mundlos and the other member of the trio, Uwe Böhnhardt, committed suicide in a van, cornered by police after robbing a bank, which brought to light the existence of the group.

Link to the source ( in spanish ) :


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