They did not kmow anything

13 Aug

They did not know anything…

The information about the gigantic exterminations of Jews in the East was of course not conveyed only by soldiers’ letters. As early as in July 1941, Swiss diplomatic and consular representatives in the Reich and’­satellite countries were filling detailed reports about the mass atrocities, all their information stemmed from German or related sources.130 Senior and even midlevel officials in various German ministries had access the communications of the Einsatzgruppen and to their computations of the staggering number of Jews they had murdered. Such information ” was mentioned in internal Foreign Ministry correspondence in October 1941 and not even ranked top secret.131
In a letter addressed to his wife, Freya, Helmuth von Moltke displayed a clear understanding of what was going on: “The news from the East is terrible again. Our losses are obviously very, very heavy. But that could be borne if we were not burdened with a hecatombe of corpses. Again an”: again one hears reports that in transports of prisoners or Jews only 20 percent arrive … What will happen when the nation as a whole realizes that this war is lost, and lost differently from the last one? With a blood guilt that cannot be atoned for in our lifetime and can never be forgot­ten.”132 These lines were written at the end of August 1941. 
Page 294 . The years of exterminion ( Nazi Germany and the Jews  1939- 1945 ) . Saul Friedländer
Regarding the killings in occupied Soviet territories, Hassell received much of his information from Gen. Georg Thomas, chief of the Eco­nomic and Armaments Division of the Wehrmacht (who played a strange role as enforcer of looting in the occupied Soviet territories on the one hand, and source of information for the opposition to the regime on the other). “Conversations with Frida [Dohnanyi], among others and particularly a report from Auerley [Thomas], who again arrived from the front,” Hassell recorded on October 4, “confirm the continuation of the most disgusting atrocities mainly against the Jews who are executed row after row without the least shame …. A headquarters commanding med­ical officer … reported that he tested Russian dum-dum bullets in the execution ofJews and achieved such and such results; he was ready to go on and write a report that could be used in [anti-Soviet] propaganda about this ammunition!”135
German populations were also quite well informed about the goings-on in the concentration camps, even the most deadly ones. Thus, people living in the vicinity of Mauthausen, for example, could watch what was happening in the camp. On September 27, 1941, Eleanore Gusenbauer sent a letter of complaint to the Mauthausen police station: “In the concentration camp Mauthausen at the work site in Vienna Ditch inmates are being shot repeatedly; those badly struck live for yet some time, and so remain lying next to the dead for hours or even half a day long. My property lies upon an elevation next to the Vienna Ditch, and one is often an unwilling witness to such outrages. I am anyway sickly and such a sight makes a demand on my nerves that in the long run I cannot bear.
I request that it be arranged that such inhuman deeds be discontinued, or else done where one does not see it.”136 

Page 295 . The years of exterminion ( Nazi Germany and the Jews  1939- 1945 ) . Saul Friedländer


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