Photos that have impressed me

13 Aug

Photos that have impressed me


A mother moments before being shot in the head by a German soldier in Ukraine while it has in his arms his daughter of approximately five or six years.

A grandmother with his small grandson coming to the selection of a German concentration camp. They will be dead in a few minutes.

Open mass grave in Proskuriv ( Ukraine ) 1941 or 1942. Like Dante´s hell.

A young mother in Lubny ( Ukraine ) with their children before be killed that same day , October 16, 1941.
It´s of impossible comprehension  the anxiety that he had to feel with her girl sleeping in arms and waiting for the death. The look of the child reflects the suspicion towards the one who takes the photo. A German and therefore a killer.


          Soviet women mourn the death of children  killed in a German action.

 Of course, there aren´t photos of inside the death chambers, but a survivor of the Sonderkommando ( Group of prisoners forced to withdraw the corpses and that after were murdered from time to time) survived and realized a few drawings that are exhibited in the Museum of the Combatants of the Ghettos, in Galilee, Israel.
                 In the room to undress. David Olère 1946.
                  After the gassing. David Olère. 1946
In the gas camera. David Olère 1950

                                                  In the room of the stoves. David Olère. 1945

To observe that the body of the children was often placed on its mother or another adult to burn them.



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